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Regular servicing of your vehicle is highly recommended to ensure that it runs as well as possible whilst being safe and efficient for you.

A service at Crooklands Mill Garage encompasses all of the following aspect of vehicle maintenance:

Change oil and oil filter, check all fluid levels, change air filter, pollen filter and fuel filter (depending on manufacturer’s recommendation), replace spark plugs (petrol, LPG cars), strip and clean brakes, adjust and rebuild, check tyres and pressures, check steering, suspension, road test and check general road worthiness of vehicle.

We recommend to our customers that their vehicle should be services approximately once a year or at 10,000 miles, whichever comes sooner.


We have a state of the art air conditioning service machine which is fully automatic and diagnostic. The main benefit of this machine is that it detects small leaks with digital measures that are accurate to the millibar.

We can service your air con system and also run a spray through the system to kill any bacteria and odours they cause in the evaporator.


Tyres must be within 1.6mm of the central ¾ of the tread. We carry out free tyre and tyre pressure checks and have access to a full range of tyres, from budget all year rounders to 4×4 and winter tyres.

We carry out puncture repairs and will even look after your wheelbarrow tyres!

4-Wheel Tracking

We will examine the vehicle to ensure that your tyres are wearing evenly – the main cause of uneven tyre wear is simply that the tracking is out. 4 wheel tracking is much more effective than 2 wheel tracking as it looks at the car as a whole, not just the steering wheels which is a common misconception. The computerised 4 wheel tracking procedure ALSO measures:

The castor, camber and KPI (King Pin Inclination) of the wheel all of which help to build up a picture of why you may have been having steering problems.


We have numerous code reading machines for different vehicles, all of which are continuously updated. They allow us to communicate with your vehicle and to find out what is wrong with them – not only the engine, but the ABS, SRS, TPMS, Air Conditioning, central locking, all electrical systems on the car (age dependent!).

Once we have identified the problem, we have oscilloscopes which enable us to fully test the system and further diagnose the exact fault.

Timing Belts / Cam Belts / Chains

The timing chain and timing belt keep the cam shaft in time with the crank shaft whilst it rotates. If either the belt or the chain fails, then the cam shaft stops rotates and usually serious engine damage occurs.

Servicing and regular changing of the timing belt/chain is recommended, depending on vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines.


Brakes need regular maintenance so as to stop them seizing or wearing out. When we service brakes, we strip them , make sure the pistons are free and without leaks, check the friction material thickness, make sure the brake hoses and pipes are in good condition and we also check the water content in your brake fluid.

Electronic Parking Brakes (EPBs) can be tested, diagnosed and serviced here also.

Exhausts, CATs and DPFs

We can repair and replace exhausts depending on the particular problem. We use good quality either Klarius or Bosal products or manufacturer’s own.

We also have experienced welders of our own and can often make an effective repair.


We can do dual mass flywheels, also self-adjusting clutches and ordinary clutches.


We are IMI trained to service and repair Hybrids and full electric vehicles.

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